Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering team provides decades of combined experience focused on site development engineering for projects of all sizes and types from small urban lots to master-planned communities. Our experienced team will be the jurisdictional liaison through the project review process and provide the full breadth of Civil Engineering services to get your project under construction, including the following:

  • Preliminary feasibility analysis and site analysis can be provided for site design through utility layout to determine the viability of a project before investing money towards jurisdictional review.  
  • We provide site plans that meet jurisdictional requirements to achieve planning approvals and proceed through the design process to provide accurate and easy to read site and layout plans for construction.
  • In addition to site plan documents, additional detail on grading, drainage and water quality is key to jurisdictional approvals. Our site planning efforts are comprehensive to include site grading, drainage and water quality requirements from the initial site layout through final plans for construction and we work in house with our landscape architects to maximize the efficiency of our pervious landscape areas.
  • Roadway, parking lot, plaza and sidewalk layout and design including vehicle turning analysis to meet jurisdictional and fire department standards is at the core of quality site design. We provide an integrated and intuitive look at how a site can function for customers and employees in cars, on bikes or walking while reducing conflicts between each.   
  • Most jurisdictions will require information about the methodology for soil exposure and runoff before, during and following construction. That is where erosion and sediment control plans come in. We provide clear, concise plans and documents for agency review and ultimately construction and final site acceptance.
  • Infrastructure design on any site, from a single lot to a regional center requires coordination, understanding of site constraints and integration with proposed uses. Our engineers understand water, sewer and stormwater design, whether the project is a remodel or a new building.
  • We work with clients to design the layout of water connections on the site, including potable and reclaimed systems when locally available.
  • Sanitary sewer system design experience includes plan and profile drawings, sizing coordination with the architects and building plumbing designers.
  • Our storm sewer design background includes a comprehensive understanding of traditional water quality and stormwater design as well as underground, LID and other methods for capturing and cleaning stormwater runoff. Our team also understands what it takes for water quality permitting and can lead the design team in achieving approvals and permits.
  • Clear, concise construction drawings help our clients get accurate preliminary pricing and provide contractors with easy to understand directions and drawings to build from.
  • If needed by jurisdictions or clients, we provide construction administration and observation with a focus on water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure installations.

Civil Engineers with Licenses in Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico and Utah

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