Planning & Entitlements

We support a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sector with site planning and entitlement experience, from preliminary research and due diligence to construction oversight. The years of experience from our Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, Site Planners and Surveyors can support clients for sites with all types of site design or entitlement concerns. Our experienced team can provide the following services for your next project:

  • Site analysis including connectivity, topography, municipal regulations, landscape inventories and utility capacity analysis.
  • Site fit tests, site concepts and larger site master planning is the perfect initial step to make sure a site works well for the intended tenants and users. Our intuitive site design quickly and efficiently evaluates the realistic layout and limitations of a site based on our years of experience and your specifications. Having landscape architects and civil engineers on our team allows us to see the bigger infrastructure and site limitations all at once.
  • Due diligence research and site investigation research, with a focus on site constraints and opportunities, development code and jurisdictional requirements, and utility and infrastructure analysis.
  • Our team are well-versed in project and team management of multi-disciplinary teams and serving as the client representative for all levels of entitlements on sites, from annexation and zoning to construction drawings and final plats. We serve as the primary contact on behalf of our clients with the jurisdictions and absorb the work of coordinating submittals to the cities, counties, special districts and outside agencies to achieve municipal approvals in anticipation of building permits and construction on both the planning and civil engineering sides of the project. 
  • In addition to single commercial site development projects, our team also has a background in rollout programs for multi-site retail projects, shopping center redevelopment and large-scale site master planning, including program development, entitlement coordination, urban redevelopment.
  • Some of our more unique planning and entitlement services include our work directly with municipalities and homeowner associations including regional park, trail, and open space master planning; writing design standards for park departments and residential communities.

We also provide a niche service of design review services for homeowner associations (HOAs) and property management groups, including writing community design standards and reviewing architectural and site applications from homeowners against those or existing standards or Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CCR’s).  

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